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Review of Vettaiyadu Vilayadu – Ananda Vikatan October 17, 2006

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Jnani’s Review of Vettaiyadu Vilayadu- AnandaVikatan 

This is a review of the same Tamil film , written by writer ‘Jnani’ and carried by AnandaVikatan, a popular Tamil magazine.It must be noted that Junior Vikatan carried a series.This review and the file was brought to our notice by Sundararaman Jeyaraman.Thanks for sending this link to us.



1. Anirudh Kaundinya - October 28, 2008

I happened to see the movie ‘Vettiayadu Vilayadu’ only now on TV. I was really surprised by the climax scene between the 2 villains and Kamalhassan where Kamal asks one of the villains ‘ Homosexuals-ada neenga? un pera avan mudukile pachai kuthivachirukkane with heart and arrow love symbalote’ and latter he says ‘Nee em pondatiye vittudu, naan un pondattiye vittudaren’…..It was really shocking and surprising for me to hear such dialogues mouthed by a socalled ‘intellectual’ and ‘intelligent’ actor like Kamalhassan.

First of all, is it fair on the part of the writer director Gautham to depict two medical students in such a crude form as psychopath killers? Assuming that every human has a Jackyll and Hyde in him, these duo in the film seems to be on a killing spree at the slightest provocation. It is also said that Amudhan is a gold medalist in academics and involved in a research related to cancer.

The story is more perverted than what they consider as homosexuality as a perversion. Additionally the utterances are absolutely crude, outrageous and meaningless. How in a gay relationship one can say who is a husband and who is a wife? One can unless otherwise they know the sexual positions they assume.

Kamalhassan and Gautham have damaged the already damaged image of gays in India and the homophobic press keeps its mouth shut on such outrageous and unrealistic and depressing images created for the gays who are already hounded in India.

2. Arjun - September 7, 2010

Its a Charactor, Raghavan, He may know everything, or nothing. the Character is asking one thing (Who is the Wife) whats wrong with that?
Kamal Hasan is not using the Dialoge, its the Character.

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