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Reader Responses to Hindu Article – Contd November 8, 2006

Posted by qmediawatch in Biased/Homophobic, The Hindu.



I was appalled on reading the article “Drawing the rights line” (Open Page, Oct. 29). It smacked of personal bias towards homosexuals. It claimed that their orientation is “abnormal” without any scientific rationale. The American Psychological Association declared after thorough research that “homosexuality is not an illness, mental disorder or an emotional problem” (http://www.apa.org/pubinfo/answers.html). The WHO has also removed homosexuality from its list of illnesses.

Despite such documented proof, the author has asserted: “The stamp of criminality serves the purpose of declaring abnormality and thereby preventing young people from becoming victim to this abnormality.” Her `abnormality’ argument lacks substantiated proof. I hope The Hindu will help in removing social prejudices against sexual minorities.

Palanivel K. Raju,
Toledo, Ohio

* * *

The author’s comparison of human behaviour with that of animals is ridiculous. Animals mate only during the mating season. But humans don’t. Does it mean they are unnatural? Homosexuality is not induced. It is congenital like colour blindness. Homosexuals do not need sympathy but understanding. The author sits in judgment of issues using absurd arguments.

Gopalaraman Swaminathan,

* * *

The article was nothing but a set of baseless, opinionated, and factually incorrect statements. MSMs do not need sympathy; they need the freedom and equality they rightfully deserve. The article contributed nothing useful to the debate but reflected the author’s prejudice.

Suriya Subramanian,

* * *

Homosexuality will continue to be practised within four walls, stigma or no stigma. It is outlandish of homosexuals to demand the right to marry and to claim respect and acceptance. Where is the need for one to trumpet his or her sexual preferences in public? There are many laudable things that one can learn from the West but its approach to homosexuality is certainly not among them.

S. Rajagopalan,
San Ramon, California



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