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Transexuals Story – India Times December 25, 2006

Posted by qmediawatch in India Times, Sexuality & Gender, Transexual, Transgender.


Story removed based on comment..



1. Hi iam Naveen and iam from hyd. Iam facing the same problem that mahua - September 29, 2007

Hi..Iam naveen 21 and iam from hyd n iam not happy with my male gender and i want to become a woman very madly plz du me the favour by rplyng me i want to be a girl forever..And plz tell me how much it costs to be a woman..

Nikki - March 7, 2011

Hi i am Nikki a well known page 3 trans celeb from india… i dont understand why u all think ki after spending lakhs on u , u will b a perfect woman..?? only operation n treatment will not make u all woman… for that u hv to be woman by mind n soul so 1st examine urself whether u r a woman by soul or not coz dear its a irreversable surgery. dont run for surgery so fast 1st consult a good psycatrist take his advice…i am repeating again ..girls go to experianced doctors only.if ever u need ma help suggestion feel free to ask….

i am always there for u coz u all r my own sisters>>>> luv u all n god bless u!

Arjun Radhakrishnan - November 18, 2012

Hi Nikki! I am an Indian girl, living and working in Thailand. I want to explore the job-scene in India. Maybe an NGO or working with children would be great! Also, I always wanted to be in the Media and do some fun stuff like Karaoke singing at bars…Any suggestions where I can get a job regards these, in India? I will be moving to Delhi or Mumbai next October, during which time, I’m going to get my surgery done…

Vishnu - November 12, 2016

Hi Nikki I am a boy from India. I am 19 years old. After completing my graduation I am considering a sex change operation. I want to become a woman. After becoming a woman I want to marry a man who loves me and adopt a baby. I will be a devoted wife and caring mother and a good houde wife. Nikki please reply me. I want your advice and suggestions

2. aruna - November 17, 2007

hi..am aruna from kolkata.my sister is also facing the same trouble.so i want to help her through it.plz tell me in India where can i approach and to whom?kindly prescribe the best docters in india,and how long does the procedure take and how much will it cost?

3. Fiona F - April 18, 2008

Hi Sakhi

Myself Deepa an MTF, who wants to help in terms of a peer group with whom I can be with as I identify myself. Can you please provide me with e-mail id of Mahua Agarwal as I was not able to chat with her. I would like to know how was her experience as I also belong to traditional conservative Jain Family and finding it difficult to come to terms with my sexuality, as wht in medical terms is called GID, and repeatedly my parents have taken me Psychatriast for Psychologialcal Counselling, but no understands me they think i am crazy and mad, they threten that they will commit suicide if I underwent transformation from M2F, so plz help me, I wanna chat with her.

yours saheli


Hi - September 1, 2009
4. jerry - April 29, 2008

i am respectfully looking for a transgendered Indian woman to make a home with in New Delhi. I’m moving there soon.

5. roselin - July 4, 2008

hi , sisters, i am roselin a crossdrser. now i want my srs and brestimplant . for that i need our traansgender m2fsisters help. please send my e mail id…… bindukiranfriend@yahoo.com

6. Ayasha udeshi - September 15, 2008

Im srilankan crossdresser who feels like a female.my only dream is be a woman.can i do it in srilanka

7. qmediawatch - September 21, 2008

Please consider joining one of the yahoo groups for TGs Transgender Sisters or Sampoorna (posted on the links section of the blogs) and post your query there to get appropriate resources.

8. Sandra - April 18, 2009

Dear Madam/Sir!

I would like to hereby request you to take-off this excerpt that you have reprinted in your blog, from indiatimes.com. The excerpt was meant exclusively for indiatimes.com and is not meant to be reprinted elsewhere.
Thank you.

qmediawatch - April 18, 2009

We have removed the content and left only the original link. Thanks.

9. Sandra - April 19, 2009

Thank you! It is much appreciated.

10. Sophiya - June 16, 2009

Hi! My name is Suraj from India. My friends call me Sophiya. I do crossdressing whenever I get a chance. I m literally frustrated with this male gender. I want to undergo hormone change process. I dont want to get completely operated but a permanent body hair, bear, mostache, body scars removal, breast enlargement & head hair growth. Where can I go in India & meet whom. Please send me the details of best doctors you wonderful people out here. & also the cost. Plz plz plz help me.

11. qmediawatch - June 16, 2009

http://www.sahodari.org might provide you with some information on this. A mailing list like Sampoorna might also help.

12. HARSHA - November 8, 2009

hi this is a boy from south, that i would like to go for SRS but understand one thing if you get the SRS done what will you do? Do you have any ideas about your future,without someones support you cant go alone for srs.Check out this website for getting a indian transexual https://qmediawatch.wordpress.com/category/the-week/,Hey im a CD want to go for SRS but i am not confident on life in india.IF U WANNA GO FOR SRS YOU NEED TO LEAVE YOUR PARENTS,FRIENDS AND EVERYONE EXCEPT THE PERSON WHO UNDERSTANDS YOU.

13. Kumar - June 26, 2010


I am an NRI, 45 years of age who is planning to return to india permanently. I am seeking a ladyboy / crossdresser /transexual, a man in women clothing to spend the rest of my life. A person who is very ladylike from the outside but born a man with penis.

I am 5’11”, fair and average built. I plan to retire near a city, in a wooded area for rest and be loved and make love to the wonderful partner.

Would love to hear from them on my gmail. melku65@gmail.com

priya - July 10, 2010

i would like be with u i would pair withu

Kumar - July 11, 2010

Hello Priya,

I would really like to know more about you. You can email me at melku65@gmail.com

It was only recently (a couple of years back), i realised that i love the companionship of a transexual more than that of regular females. I happened to meet a business client who was gorgeous. She was really beautiful, more feminine than the females i normally meet and even though the meeting was professional, i could not take my eyes of her. It was only later that a colleague of mine told me that she was a TS.

Realisation dawned on me that i was a ‘TS’ man and now i only enjoy the companionship of TS. I find them very interesting, sexual, good communicators and very caring by nature. I find them more beautiful and feminine than women.

Even though i have had a good relationship with a couple of TS here, in my heart i realise that i would like to settle down in India with an Indian TS who will be more inline with my cultural identity. earlier i used to find indian women beautiful and now i find Indian TS the sexiest of the lot.

You girls are really sexy and if i can find the person of my dreams, i would like to settle down with her asap.



chand - July 29, 2012

pl call (+9109225605967 here 61 m ready to your will

14. vinil - October 4, 2010

I am looking for a companion who is a crossdresser young and beautuful.i am 32.i am looking for short period relation.contact me at mk19741981@yahoo.in

15. SRI - October 10, 2010


16. Radha - October 14, 2010

i m a transexual 38 preoperated from indore (India) i need a genuine partner. i must say that i m HIV+ my mail add is oasis2oasis2003@yahoo.com

chand - July 29, 2012

pl contact chandru1405@rediffmail.com 62 yrs divorced male retired

17. vino - April 6, 2012

hi i am from chennai i am looking forward to a romantic relationship wit h a transexual contact me at doc_raj89@yahoo.co.in

18. Arjun Radhakrishnan - November 18, 2012

Hi there! Help me find a job in India. Will be returning to India, October 2013, but I still want to check the job scene for Transexuals. Thanks,
Angela Perez

19. Srikanth - May 30, 2014

hi., i`m srikanth.., looking for TS to marry…
i`m sure my love & dedication wil only with whom i marry…!!

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