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Article in Midday March 25, 2007

Posted by qmediawatch in Biased/Homophobic.
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from Mid-Day, 31/3/2007:

Don’t persecute homosexuals
Sunita Banerjee says homosexuality is a medical problem and should be
treated that way

I READ a report in the MiDDAY recently that a serial killer had
targeted his victims because they were homosexuals. It was reported that homosexuality is not accepted in Christianity and Islam and that ”the killer had acted under the influence of a religious leader, who bayed for the blood of homosexuals.”

It is important for us to know that homosexuality is the result of an imbalance in the chromosomes. Homosexuals who say they feel feminine are said to have an excess of the ‘X’ (female) chromosomes, over the ‘Y’ (male) chromosomes.

This is a medical problem that must be treated as such. The medical fraternity should pay attention to this problem and find a solution to cure the imbalance and help homosexuals lead a normal life. I have read reports quoting an Italian minister as saying that
homosexuality is a sin. A prominent American woman was also quoted as
saying something similar. Some religious groups label homosexuality as immoral. This is utter nonsense.

I remember my father telling me once that nature does play tricks. None other than the renowned British naturalist Charles Darwin had said that nature can be cruel.

Homosexuality may be repulsive to some. But it is a medical problem
for those who suffer it and they need help to set it right.

Contrary to what some people propagate, homosexuality is not a
Western phenomena. It must be mentioned that a British scientist of
the 19th century committed suicide following persecution for being a

I, therefore, appeal to religious leaders to explain the problem to
the members of their community, so that homosexuals are not treated
cruelly. Rather, we ought to help them overcome the problem.

Sunita Banerjee lives at Bhulabhai Desai Road.


Misconceptions about homosexuality


I REFER to the message ‘Don’t persecute homosexuals’ from Sunita
Banerjee (MyNEWS, March 31).

While I appreciate her sentiments, warning those who ridicule
homosexuals, Banerjee is incorrect when she describes homosexuality
as a medical problem. Homosexuality is in fact regarded as a
biological condition.

There are many myths about homosexual persons.

A homosexual person is not abnormal. Homosexuals are normal people
with a different sexual orientation.

The problem occurs when a homosexual person is compelled to comply
with the rules of society (in fact family pressure) to marry, and in
this process may ruin his/her own life, as well as that of the person
he/she is married to.

Umesh Mehendale
umeshmehendale@ yahoo.co.in