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Anil: Jackie and I were lovers! May 6, 2008

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From Mid-Day: http://tinyurl.com/6734ry

Kapoor made a shocking confession on Sajid Khan’s show Sajid’s Superstars

When Anil Kapoor appeared on Sajid Khan’s soon-to-air TV show Sajid’s Superstars, the usually blasé Sajid’s ears burned with Kapoor’s candid confessions and witticisms.

Of men and women

Says a source, “Sajid interviews big celebrities and film stars on his show. The show is in good fun and the stars are supposed to answer every question as candidly as possible. Towards the end of the show, Sajid Khan told Anil frankly he wanted to ask him one very scandalous question.

Anil replied, ‘Ek kyun? teen pooch!’ The first question Sajid asked Anil was whether he had a relationship with Jackie Shroff in Ram Lakhan as was reported in some magazines at the time. Anil promptly replied “Yes, it’s true.”

Sajid’s second question was: “Who was the woman in the relationship? To which, Anil quipped, “I was the woman during Lamhe when I shaved off my moustache, while Jackie was the woman during  Agnivarsha, when he shaved off his moustache!”

Tacky no more!

Says Anil, “It’s true that I was asked these questions and I replied to them, too. Like a film, every show has its own genre and people who watch the show must watch with same spirit, fun and a little honesty. Few people know that Sajid has a serious side to him also.

Unless you are not honest, the whole show falls flat. So it has to be a combination of honesty and fun. It was great to be on this show. It’s much better than Sajid’s earlier tacky ones,” Anil grins.

Another question asked was whether his wife Sunita ever had caught him red-handed with Manisha Koirala. Anil says, “I don’t remember being asked this question.” What would he reply to this? “No. I have never been caught as I am too smart to be caught.”



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