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Lesbian gets lover’s husband killed May 17, 2008

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Lucknow, May 11: A lesbian was arrested today for allegedly hiring killers to murder her partner’s husband so she could live with her.

Suman Singh, 25, a postgraduate in political science, confessed after her partner Anita Singh, 24, spilled the beans to police, Aligarh senior superintendent of police Raghuvar Lal said.

“Suman was picked up after circumstantial evidence suggested she had a role in Friday’s murder. She kept denying her involvement but broke down after Anita revealed all,” Lal said from Aligarh, which is 30km from the women’s hometown, Atrauli.

“Suman has admitted to hiring three killers to murder Rajendra Singh,” said Atrauli station house officer Omkar Singh.

The police said Suman and Anita had begun their relationship six years ago when they were in college in Atrauli. After graduating they moved to Aligarh, took up nurses’ jobs with two private clinics and began living together.

Two years ago, they “married” at a temple in Moradabad. Since then, Suman has considered herself Anita’s “husband”, the police said.

Suman was devastated when Anita’s parents forced her to marry Rajendra, 30, on April 21, Singh said.

On Thursday evening, three motorcycle riders came to Rajendra’s home in Haiwatpur, 2km from Atrauli, and called him away. The next day, his body was found near a road.

However, Suman had been the first to get married to a man. Last year, she wed under pressure from her parents and went to live in her husband’s home in Khirkuri near Atrauli.

She, however, found the going tough and Anita, too, kept complaining about loneliness, Suman has told the police. One day, Suman told her husband about her relationship with Anita. This led to a separation and Suman resumed her relationship with Anita.

“She has named the three hired killers,” Singh said. “They will be arrested soon.”

Lesbian relationships are not unknown in Uttar Pradesh towns such as Allahabad and Kanpur.

In April 2005, Shilpi Gupta and Usha Yadav had approached Allahabad High Court with a plea to declare them a married couple. Shilpi and Usha, who had lived together for six months in Gujarat, had been arrested after they shifted to Dhoomanganj, Allahabad.

The circle officer of Dhoomanganj, Arvind Misra, said there was no law under which two persons of the same sex could marry.

Legal experts, however, said there was no law against two adult women living together, either.

Geeta Kumana of the Mumbai-based Aanchal Trust, a group fighting for the rights of homosexuals since 1999, said harassment of same-sex couples in Uttar Pradesh often led to tragedy. In 2006, a lesbian couple attempted suicide in Kanpur, with one dying and the other surviving.



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