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Of Passion and the third sex June 10, 2008

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Excerpted From Mid-Day (Mumbai):

Of Passion & the third sex

There are so many aspects to the existence of the third sex. You can either squint at them through a suspicious grey tint, regard them with strangely-detached compassion, put up a mask of pseudo-sisterhood…“Or you can simply try to capture the passion, fantasy and glamour in their shows… the energy they so naturally transmit on stage,” declares Peru-born Enith Perez, who is currently showing a photography exhibition in the city.

All For Passion: Titled Passion Juice, the show of 13 alternatively psychedelic, surreal and sombre images depict Mumbai’s transgender community in action.

Perez decided to make the hijra her muse, when she first saw a dance performance at a venue in Dadar, two years ago, and put her camera into action.

“That’s when I had just moved to Mumbai with my husband Srinivas,” the soft-spoken anthropologist recalls. She went on to watch a few more shows — in a “gully” near Siddhivinayak temple and one organised in lieu with the Humsafar Trust.

“I showed a few of the performers my pictures; they liked what they saw, and they allowed me to continue clicking,” the 30-year-old says, adding that perhaps “the fact that I am a woman” made things easier.

why check it out: To get a perspective of a glitzy, gloss-tainted world that’s alien (by chance or/and choice) to most of us. Rather than dismiss them as parasites who compulsively bribe you with “aashirwad” in exchange for crisp notes, you will see hijras metamorphose into divas. If only for a day.

On view till June 30 at Alliance Française de Bombay, Theosophy Hall, New Marine Lines. From 9.30 am to 5.30 pm. Call 22091556



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