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Mutual Attraction January 6, 2009

Posted by nitinkarani in English, Gay, Times of India.

From Mumbai Mirror:

By Deepa Mishra

Posted On Monday, December 22, 2008 at 02:23:57 PM

Nitin Karani has been actively working for the legal acceptance of the gay community in the Indian society. In the battle of acceptance, his mother, Kanchan Karani is his biggest support system

Vijay (name changed) was disowned by his parents because of his unusual sexual orientation. His family was shattered after realising the fact of their son’s life. Few families have also opted for the physiological treatment of their gay children, as they refuse to come to terms with nature’s way of creating their child. It implies that the gay community is not only fighting for its legal acceptance but also social acceptance since the core problem lies in the ignorance and misconceptions about homosexuality.

Nitin Karani has been representing this community and has been part of several marches and protests for these basic rights. He is the one who enjoys the support of his parents unlike several others. He familiarised his mother about homosexuality through the magazines and other books. And today, his mom stands along his side through all his trials. “I am proud of my son. He has the courage to acknowledge his natural self to the whole world. I respect that by attending all the meeting and interviews,” proudly expresses Kanchan Karani.

Kanchan Karani is now a shining example for many parents and children, “When people see me on TV channels they extend their support to us. No one has ever questioned my decision to support my son,” she says with humility.

“Nitin discovered his sexual preference when he was 15 years old. Although I was taken aback in the beginning, I realised he is my flesh and blood and that I couldn’t abandon him,” she recalls. Few relatives suggested medical treatment for her son but, she rejected any such option. “Even my husband recommended and hoped doctors can help us.” Finally, it was her courage and understanding which ultimately turned her husband around. “Nothing can change his preference, since it is a natural phenomenon and not any disorder,” exclaims Kanchan Karani.

The bond between Kanchan Karani and her son have taken the relationship to another level. It highlights the fact that if your family stands by you, society itself will change. After all, it’s all about loving your family!



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