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Theatre manager killed over sexual advances February 6, 2009

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From The Hindustan Times:

Megha Sood, Hindustan Times
Mumbai, February 05, 2009
First Published: 14:45 IST(5/2/2009)
Last Updated: 14:46 IST(5/2/2009)

It was sexual harassment that allegedly led a coffee vendor at  Cinemax theatre in Versova’s Infiniti Mall to kill his boss, the police claimed.

The police on Wednesday arrested Shrinath Yogi (30) and his friends Anil Thakur and Ramesh Baria for allegedly stabbing Mandar Patil (33) to death.

His fourth alleged killer, accused Sanjay Kanojiya, is absconding. All four are residents of Versova village.

On Tuesday morning, after receiving an alert from the control room, the police reached the ice factory ground opposite the Versova bus depot and found a body with severe injuries on the head, neck and abdomen.

Patil was a resident of the nearby Patil gulli in Versova village where he stayed with his wife, mother and brother.

“After we had established Patil’s identity, we inquired with the Versova village residents and found out that he was bisexual,” said Senior Inspector Suresh Nalavde.

Working on this lead, the police said they rounded up “all homosexuals in the area” for questioning.

One of those detained reportedly told the police that Patil used to often meet his colleague Yogi for drinks.

“We detained Yogi and initially he tried to misguide us,” said Nalavde.

“Eventually he broke down and confessed to the crime. He also revealed the names of his friends who helped him kill his boss.”

Nalavde claimed that Patil, who had married a year ago, used to allegedly harass Yogi to have a physical relation with him. Since Yogi is not homosexual, he was upset.

When he told his friends that he wanted to quit, they assured him that they would warn Patil to stop bothering him.

On Monday night, Patil allegedly sent an SMS to Yogi and asked him to come to “their usual spot to drink”.

“Yogi asked his friends to come along. When Patil reached the spot the three friends warned him to stay away from Yogi. When Patil refused, Thakur, who works in the housekeeping department at Sonata Constructions, threatened him with a pistol lighter,” said Nalavde.

“An angry Patil retaliated, and the four stabbed him to death. They dumped his body near the ice factory and fled.”


From The Times of India:

Multiplex coffee vendor held for killing manager

5 Feb 2009, 0210 hrs IST, Vijay V Singh, TNN


MUMBAI: Police have arrested a Cinemax multiplex coffee vendor and two of his friends for the murder of Mandar Patil, a Cinemax manager, who lived in Versova village, and are looking for a fourth person.

Investigators said 23-year-old Shrinath Jogi conspired with his friends to kill his boss, Patil, who was allegedly harassing him into having a physical relationship.

Jogi told the police that Patil would often call him to isolated places at night, treat him to drinks and then ask him for sexual favours. He was severely depressed because of this and had even taken five days off from work, he added.

Jogi had discussed this problem with his friends and they plotted Patil’s murder together.

 Versova police station senior inspector Suresh Nalawade said: “The accused told us that he was not interested in Patil’s proposals but was forced to listen to him to save his job. Both of them live in different localities in Versova.”

Jogi took the help of his three friends to kill Patil early on Tuesday near the Yari Road bus depot. They burnt his belongings and then dumped them in the mangroves. Two of Jogi’s friends, Anil Thakur (22) and Ramesh Baria (24), have been arrested and the police are looking for the fourth accused, Sanjay.

The police have recorded the statements of Patil’s friends and have corroborated what Jogi said. Patil would invite them for parties from time to time and ask them for sexual favours. Officials said Jogi’s friends told them they were into physical relationships with other men.

Patil married last year. His family told investigators that they were not aware about his relationship with his friends.

Patil was at work on Monday night when he called Jogi to meet him near Yari Road early on Tuesday for a drink. He brought with him a liquor bottle and both had a few drinks before Jogi called his friends. They came, armed with a revolver, and told Patil to stay away from Jogi.

Patil, however, asked them not to interfere in his affairs, prompting one of the accused to attack him with a knife. Patil put up a fight but was not match for them though one of the accused also sustained injuries in the scuffle.

Cinemax India Pvt Ltd spokespersons said they had nothing to do with their employees’ private lives and had extended their support to the police in the probe.



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