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Straight talk February 20, 2009

Posted by nitinkarani in English, Gay, Movies, Times of India.

From Mumbai Mirror:

Gay community, Humsafar insisted on a special screening of the film Straight. They wanted to ensure that the film didn’t stereotype homosexuals

By Parag Maniar
Posted On Wednesday, February 18, 2009 at 02:51:39 AM

A special preview of Paravati Balgopalan’s Straight starring Vinay Pathak and Gul Panag was organised for Nitin Karani who is the trustee of the gay community, Humsafar.

Our source from the production unit said, “Straight is the story of a man who is confused about his sexuality. He does not know whether he is straight or gay but is averse to homosexual relationships.”

When people from the gay community learnt this, they promptly contacted iDream, the producers of Straight and told them to organise a special screening of the film. People at Humsafar feared that Straight would be yet another film that would stereotype homosexuals.

“The gays also feared that if the protagonist in Straight was averse to homosexual relationships it would only make society more intolerant towards them. What worried them further was a scene in the film where Vinay is shown running away from a man. As the gay community had serious issues about several scenes in the film, they insisted on watching the film. They were anyway disappointed with the manner in which gays were portrayed in Dostana. They did not want to watch the same thing in another film,” said our source.

Nitin Karani of Humsafar confirmed that a special preview of Straight was held for him and a few of his gay friends. “I am glad that Straight does not portray gays in poor light. My community is happy to endorse this film. In fact, a show is going to be organised on March 7 especially for the gay community.”

Director Parvati Balgopalan said, “I have handled the subject sensitively. I did not want to show gays as caricatures and I am happy to have successfully managed that.”



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